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the monkey rodeo special effects foam latex prosthetic makeup


By the end of this week things will be running almost as usual, with one small difference. Because smaller pieces, like ears, noses, and horns, can be a little more costly to product because they generate more potential waste - I'll only be listing those pieces when I already have them made and ready to sell, so if it's out of stock it won't be back in stock until I get a chance to make new ones, you're more then welcome to ask when, but I might not have an answer.

The larger items will remain as usual since they're all made upon ordering anyway.

A couple hundred years ago I used to make shitty little movies, one day I wrote up this script for a commercial and within a few hours, with the help of a friend, we did this weird little commercial.

This is over 15 years old, so no HD, it's barely SD, but it still work just fine.

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