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Special Order

What are Special Order Prosthetics?

These are pieces that require a little more information, and sometimes experience, to use properly. In order to avoid having people buying them without reading the proper information, and being disappointed because they're beyond their skill level - these pieces will be featured here to give them a little more room.

These are not available as rush orders.

The Eldritch Flayer is a large piece, it ships unassembled and will require you to have the necessary skills to attach the tentacles, and if needed patch the seam where the pieces meet.

Overall it wears the same as The Flayer prosthetic, but is just much, much larger and requires the extra step in attaching the tentacles.

The main tentacle is about 15 inches in length, and fully assembled this piece is almost 2 feet long. It weighs between 0.2 and 0.3 kgs, or slightly less than half a pound.

For now it's only available unassembled, I am considering offering to assemble it, for an additional cost, and
given the size it will be very expensive to ship and properly package, so don't hold your breath waiting for that option to show up.

The Koza Demon Horns will require a second pair of hands, you will most likely not be able to apply these without help.

They are two separate horns that apply to the cheek/temple/forehead area, there is nothing else to keep them in place - you will have to attach straps (supplied with purchase) to the back side of the horns so when applied the straps can be tied together keeping the horns from flopping around.


Be sure to have the straps attached high on the back of the horns so they can sit closer to the top of your head, this will also help take some of the weight, otherwise they will pull back and down.

The Monkey Rodeo, Koza Demon horns instructions

The spot marked in red is the ideal area to both keep the horns from flopping around too much and take the weight so they don't visibly pull on your face too much.

You'll want to make sure the straps are securely attached to the horns. One method that has worked repeatedly for me is to pick a spot that should work given the above information, cut into the foam latex (on the inner side of the horns), dip one end of each of the two straps into latex (liquid latex even, it shouldn't matter) and let cure. Put some latex into the slit you've cut on the horns and insert the straps, let fully cure. You can test to make sure they're secure and even add a little more latex to bond the prosthetic and the strap together.

Once the horns are painted and applied, tied the straps together - you  may want to adjust your hair the straps are hidden under it - and you should be all set.

The most important aspect of this piece is to be patient when preparing and applying them, don't rush.

The Strigoi Claw isn't a complicated piece to use, however it does need explaining to use properly. It was specifically designed to be used on the middle finger, although the ring finger would fine as well. Because of the shape where it blends in trying to use it on your index or little finger may not work very well, but that's up to you - you've been warned.

There is only one mould of this piece, not a pair, so when ordered there may be a longer turnaround time on these piece as I'll have to do two runs of foam to make them - which can result in a large amount of wasted foam latex, unless I have other orders on the go and can easily add this to those runs of foam.

They are very delicate at the base, so don't even think about trying to use them twice, they probably will not hold up to being removed.

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